Nordic Sales Services

Specialist sales support for Nordics expansion

Our core services /

Active lead generation

From developing your existing opportunities to creating new opportunities in Scandinavia and the Nordics, we offer flexibility, expertise and cultural understanding to support your goals.

Lead generation is a key focus for most businesses, and we utilise sales and marketing to create high quality sales leads for our partners. We are able to effectively target North Europe with appropriate messaging to generate quality leads in Norway, Sweden, Finland, Denmark and Iceland.

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Actively engaging with
the channel

Channel Engagement

We have an extensive network across a portfolio of tech-based channel partners including distributors, systems integrators, tech retail outlets, managed service providers, value add resellers and telecommunications network operators. We can align your products and solutions to the correct channel access points that meet the needs of your business goals, aligning your offering to partner portfolios.

Keeping opportunities warm for budget approval

Warming Opportunities

We all know that being in contact at the right time is vital for sales success. Initial opportunities could be months away from budget availability and deal sign-off, and it is vital to remain front of mind during this time period. Through a mixture of sales and marketing, Nordic Presence nurture opportunities to ensure they keep their focus on your business.

Nordic Presence sales services include:

  • Sales as a Service
  • Opportunity development
  • Telemarketing
  • Lead generation
  • Lead development
  • Pre-sales opportunities
  • Inside sales
  • Channel drive / development
  • Complete sales cycle
  • Sales team extension
  • Dedicated sales resource
  • Flexible salesforce
  • Sales management
  • Office space for development meetings
  • Meeting representation

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