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Strategic sales and marketing services for technically
led businesses looking to expand into the Nordics

What do Nordic Presence do /

Quickly and effectively extend your team into Northern Europe by partnering with Nordic Presence

Business Development Nordics

Our strategic sales and marketing experts work with international organisations in the IT and technology industries to expand into Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland and Iceland.

If you want to create new business opportunities in the Nordic region, use our extensive regional network and technology industry knowledge to achieve success.

Our Strategy

Supporting tech companies expand into the Nordic region

If you are a technology-based company looking to expand internationally into Scandinavia or the wider Nordic region, Nordic Presence can help. It’s all about opportunities, and we combine sales and marketing to deliver results.

Nordic Presence driving business /

Nordics Sales Opportunities

Nordic Presence maximising the potential /

Nordics Sales Opportunities

Driving your business in the Nordics. It’s all about opportunities

Our team of technology sales and marketing specialists will ensure you capture and maximise business opportunities in the region, while helping you with the right strategic messaging to drive Nordic success for your business.

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The key to success /

Why partner with Nordic Presence?

01.Don’t miss out on Nordics sales opportunities

Nordic Sales Growth

02. Target the Nordics effectively with local experience

Nordic Sales Growth

03.Work with our dedicated industry experts

Nordic Sales

04.Extend your team cost-effectively, flexibly and quickly

Nordic Sales Growth

05.Benefit from integrated strategic sales and marketing services

Nordic Sales Growth

What is at the core of Nordic Presence /

Integrated services for your Nordic expansion

Whether you’re looking for support with business strategy, sales or marketing, we offer a wide range of integrated services to help you successfully enter and thrive in the Scandinavian and Nordic market.


  • Office / country setup
  • Vendor launch
  • Sales team recruitment
  • 12-24 month launch plan
  • Technical support service advice
  • Business planning
  • Channel strategy
  • Market insights and research
  • Market analysis
  • Reporting service
  • Target group segmentation


  • Sales as a Service
  • Opportunity development
  • Sales team extension
  • Office space for developed meetings
  • Channel drive / development
  • Meeting representation
  • Lead generation
  • Lead development
  • Complete sales cycle
  • Telemarketing
  • Sales management
  • Inside sales
  • Pre-sales opportunities
  • Sales as a Service
  • Dedicated sales resource / management
  • Flexible sales force


  • Marketing as a Service
  • Dedicated marketing resource
  • Lead generation
  • Localisation of marketing tools
  • PR
  • Campaign creation and management
  • Telemarketing
  • Digital advertising
  • LinkedIn content & campaigns
  • Content generation
  • Careers marketing
  • SEO (Keyword and technical)
  • Google Ads / PPC