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Our IT and technology background

Northern Europe Sales

Our knowledgeable team have many years’ experience in the Nordic IT and technology sector, with access to a network of local business contacts. Our extensive sales and marketing expertise in this area will support your expansion into Northern Europe with the right messaging and branding.

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From attending meetings to generating opportunities, we can operate as an extension of your team. Our locally-based sales and marketing experts have years of expertise in the IT and technology industries and will push your business initiatives into the marketplace and engage with the channel. We can focus on generating awareness before your team arrive in the market, and can even help hire your local team.

Your extended sales and marketing team in the Nordics

Northern Europe Sales

How we partner with tech companies

In simple terms, we become an extension of your sales and marketing team. Leading with strategies that resonate effectively in Scandinavia, we drive business opportunity for our partners through a mix of sales and marketing activities.

Operating at all levels of the sales funnel, we deliver a service that matches the needs of your business with the needs of the Nordic marketplace.

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Nordic Business Opportunities

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Nordic Business Opportunities

Our extensive Nordics and tech experience

As a team, we are based in Scandinavia and have worked within large and start-up tech organisations headquartered in both Asia and Europe. We also have extensive experience in technology distribution, and have worked in technology environments within enterprise businesses. Our vision spans from vendor, manufacturer, all areas of the channel, through to the end user. This ensures we can get the correct perspective whatever our campaign or strategic targets are.

Nordic Sales Opportunities

Our typical technology-focused customers

About 50% of our customers are in the IT industry, with the others in technology-led manufacturing or engineering businesses. We are used to dealing with high-tech products and services such as AI, IoT, operational technology, machine learning, big data and cloud. We have extensive experience and understanding of how to bring these to the Nordic market.

Nordic Business Opportunities

Nordic Presence localisation /

Localising sales and marketing to meet your business goals

We generate opportunities by creating integrated sales and marketing campaigns specifically designed for the Nordic region. Our local knowledge means we understand the bigger picture across Sweden, Norway, Finland, Denmark and Iceland, and ensure sales and marketing messaging is tailored to suit the local market. In addition, our understanding of the Nordic market enables us to determine whether to target customers directly or utilise the channel.

Quote Quote Erik Agebro

"We live and breathe tech. The Nordic Presence team have the industry understanding within technology subjects, the integrated sales and marketing skills, and the networking contacts of decades in the Nordics region. Together it allows us to be a formidable team."

Erik Agebro
Nordic Presence CEO