Nordic Marketing Services

Expert marketing support in the Nordics

Our core services /

Tailoring the messaging to
the Nordics’ cultural needs

Expanding your business into the Nordics requires the right branding, messaging and cultural approach. Our experienced marketing team have helped many international brands successfully enter the Nordic market.

Nordic Presence has a portfolio of marketing services that are designed to support all sales efforts. The aims are to help generate leads and opportunities, ensure content exists that delivers local results, and remove any barriers to delivering business.

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Digital marketing strength

Localising your digital marketing will help to deliver stronger results. This can be through website landing pages, integrated LinkedIn campaigns, Google Ads (PPC) campaigns, keyword Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) for a local microsite, email and newsletter campaigns, or digital advertising such as display or remarketing. There are many options we can utilise, and we can advise on what will deliver the most value for your business goals.

Nordics Marketing Services

Nordics Marketing Services

Webinars, events and exhibitions

In an ever increasing digital age it is vital to have strong digital marketing in place, but face to face and presentations still play a vital role in driving sales. We regularly run campaigns around webinars, and also support customers in events, roadshows and exhibitions. We can provide a fully managed service or fit the gaps that you need, especially by providing locally-based team support.

Sales supporting elements – removing sales barriers

To achieve consistent results and remove barriers to business, we have a series of localised tools that can be utilised throughout the marketing and sales journey. This could be dedicated campaign landing pages, a localised LinkedIn campaign, an eBook that includes local case studies, a whitepaper tailored to the region, or a solution datasheet that addresses local pain points for customers. We can either fine-tune your existing collateral to suit to the local market, or create new tools if needed.

Nordics Marketing Services

Nordics Marketing Services

PR, case studies and communications

Business social media such as LinkedIn have become vital for spreading key business messages within Scandinavia and Northern Europe. A strong presence on LinkedIn is essential to achieve business results, and we can help with strategy, content creation, and full management.

We are regularly creating case studies in the region, which are extremely useful in the middle of the sales funnel to create and close deals. Generating and distributing press releases is also a popular service we offer.

Aligning marketing to the sales process

Strength throughout delivers results

Marketing and Sales Process

Nordic Presence marketing services include:

  • Marketing as a Service
  • Campaign creation and management
  • Content creation
  • Digital advertising
  • Lead generation
  • Localisation of marketing tools
  • PR
  • Telemarketing
  • LinkedIn content & campaigns
  • Careers marketing
  • SEO (Keyword and technical)
  • Google Ads / PPC
  • Dedicated marketing resource

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